small groups

Small groups are where we get together. Whether it’s around a meal, serving the poor, praying, chopping wood or a Bible study, we grow better together. Find a group and get connected.


Parish Renewal Prayer Group

Meets weekly during term time from 9am – 9:45am @Chervier Centre to pray for our parish to continue to grow and thrive. We pray for all these groups listed! For more information contact Carly Mulqueen 

St Vincent de Paul Kaiapoi

Meets the first Monday of each month @St Patrick’s Church lounge. Provides practical assistance for the needy of our community. For more information contact Maryanne Brown 03 327 5124 or visit

Pine Acres Mission / St Vincent de Paul Spirituality

We deliver rescued food from Satisfy Food Rescue to the people living at Pine Acres Camping Ground each Monday and Thursday between 11:30am – 1:30pm. Our Mission is to welcome and engage with compassion, the people who receive the rescued food. For more information contact Michael Hickland 021 262 8384 or Jenny Carter 027 4088 535. You are very welcome and will be greatly blessed.

Youth Group

Meets weekly during term time for fun, faith and food from 7pm – 8pm @Chervier Centre. Aimed at youth in Year 6+. For more information contact Francesca Walker 022 065 4681.

Kaiapoi Men’s Group

Meets weekly from 7:30pm – 9pm @St Patrick’s Church lounge for sharing, prayer and worship. For more information contact Frank Malone 027 216 9059.

Dove Women’s Fellowship

Meets monthly, with every second month @St Patrick’s Church lounge from 7pm – 9pm. (Alternate months @Christ the King). For more information contact Ann Martin 021 111 3963.


Oxford Prayer Group

Meets fortnightly from 1:30pm – 3pm @Sacred Heart of Jesus Church lounge. For more information contact Josie Trolove 03 312 4106. 

St Vincent de Paul Rangiora

Monthly meetings as advertised in the Parish newsletter. SVDP provides practical assistance for the needy of our community. All welcome. For more information contact Jenny Carter 0274 088 535 or visit

Post Alpha Small Group

Meets fortnightly from 7pm – 8:30pm @70 Ivory Street, Rangiora for sharing, formation and prayer. For more information contact John Jenkins 027 604 1810 or Liz Jenkins 027 332 1546. 

Opus Dei Womens Group

Meets monthly from 7:30pm – 9pm @7 Angus Place, Townsend Fields, Rangiora. For more information contact Adele Findlay 021 027 29595.  


Mothers Rosary Group

Meets weekly during term time from 10am @ various people’s homes. Children welcome. For more informatoin contact Katie Malone 021 058 8338 or Monique Milnes 027 342 3881.  

Pine Acres Mission / St Vincent de Paul Spirituality

We deliver rescued food from Satisfy Food Rescue to the people living at Pine Acres Camping Ground each Monday and Thursday between 11:30am – 1:30pm. Our Mission is to welcome and engage with compassion, the people who receive the rescued food. For more information contact Michael Hickland 021 262 8384 or Jenny Carter 027 4088 535. You are very welcome and will be greatly blessed.

Chervier Ladies Social Group

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 12pm @125 Church Street, Rangiora. For more information contact Jan Grounds 03 313 3294. 

The Parish Men’s Group

Meets weekly from 7:30pm – 9pm @ various people’s homes. For more information contact Aaron Milnes 027 546 6378, Brendan Malone 021 054 0762 or Regan Monahan 021 153 8584.

Post Alpha Lectio Divina Group in Kaiapoi

Meets fortnightly from 7pm – 9pm @24 Sovereign Boulevard, Sovereign Palms. For more information contact Michael Prisk 027 391 4767. 

Ecumenical Social Justice Prayer Group – Lectio Divina, John’s Gospel

Fortnightly from 6.45pm – 8pm @Chervier Centre. For more information contact Jenny Carter 0274 088 535. 


Weekly from 7pm – 8pm @Chervier Centre. Sometimes followed by ale at the RSA. For more information contact Dominic Hassan 022 366 7662.  


Rangiora Rosary Group

Weekly from 1:45pm @ various people’s homes. All welcome. For more information contact Donna Newman 021 058 3692. 

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Meets weekly from 7pm – 8:30pm @St Patrick’s Church lounge. For those interested in becoming Catholic. We’d love to journey with you as you explore faith. For more information contact the Parish Office 03 313 6285.


TMIY Men’s Breakfast and Lectio Divina

Weekly from 6:45am – 7:45am @Chervier Centre. For more information contact John Shortall 0210 264 4346. 

Legion of Mary

Weekly from 10:45am – 12pm @Chervier Centre. for more information contact Maria England 027 629 9847. 


Kaiapoi Prayer Group

Meets the fourth Saturday of each month from 10am – 11:30am @St Patrick’s Church lounge. For more information contact Trish Purtle 0210 228 2509.  

Filipino Rosary Group

Meets weekly from 7pm @ various people’s homes. For more information contact Sandra Mabazza 021 038 1700.  


Exodus 90 Mens Group

Meets weekly from 4pm @Chervier Centre. Looking for more in your spiritual life?? Try Exodus 90… a 90 day spiritual exercise for men. For more information contact Oliver Sanderson 027 427 0367. 


From time to time St Peter Chanel Parish offers Catechesis courses in the parish centre or in parishioners homes. 

If you are interested in attending, hosting, facilitating, sponsoring or attending a series please let us know as the parish is in need to volunteers to assist with the ongoing Faith Education of our parishioners. There are many great Parish Education Courses available through the Ascension Press website.  

Becoming part of the OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) team can be a faith enriching experience. Please contact the parish office if you are interested in supporting people through the OCIA programme.

YOUTH ministry

Catholic Youth Team

Visit the CYT Youth Team Website for more information about events and opportunities for Youth. You can also sign up to their mailing list.


St Vincent de Paul Rangiora – Colleen 03 313 6397 –

St Vincent de Paul Kaiapoi – Maryanne 03 327 5124 –

Legion of Mary Rangiora – Claire 03 310 6845 –

Home Visiting Group – Contact the Parish Office

The Church is the Body of Christ in this world, and each of us are members of it (1 Cor 2:27). As members of this Body, we truly are His hands, His feet and His eyes in our world. To be a Christian, then, is to be committed to action, to living out our faith through service to one another: Jesus said, “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.” (Mark 10:45). We are Christians, we are the Church, we are the Body of Christ, not to be served but to serve and every member of our parish as something to offer towards the Mission of the Church.