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gospel reflections

Who Is Your King?

The story is told about a husband who was boasting to his friends: “You know, in my house I am the king, and whenever my wife and I have a

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The Final Accounting

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 25, 14-15, 19-21) Jesus talks about the parable of the talents, with the admonition that we be faithful and responsible in handling the talents that God

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Are You Ready?

In today’s gospel (Mt. 25, 1-13), Jesus tells to His disciples the Parable of the Ten Virgins—five were foolish, and five were wise. In our modern language, the foolish went

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One of my favourite childhood stories is “Snow White and the seven dwarfs.” In this story, the queen has a famous saying that is often repeated when she looks into

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Love is All that Matters

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 22, 34-40), Jesus sums up all the commandments into two: Love of God, and love of neighbour as oneself. Love is the vision. Love is the

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