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Chanel Women Events Calendar

All women of any age are welcome to our Chanel Women’s Events. Thurs, 23 May 7.30-9.00pm Podcast Discussion Thurs, 30 May 7.30-9.00pm Podcast Discussion Thurs, 6 Jun 7.30-9.00pm Podcast Discussion

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gospel reflections

ONE GOD – The Almighty father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, BLESS US The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct

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Communicate God’s Love

When Fr. Damien arrived in Molokai to assemble a prefabricated Church for the lepers, he spent the first few weeks sleeping out under the trees, because he was unable to

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Remain in Me and I in You

‘I am the true vine’‘ is one of the beautiful sentence in the gospel of St. John. The meaning of this sentence is very rich both in theological and pastoral

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I Am the Door of the Sheep

This Sunday, the Catholic Church celebrates Good Shepherd Sunday. The image of Jesus as a shepherd is one of the notable character that reveals his mission to the world. The

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