This involves helping plan and execute the Liturgy for Sunday Masses. The purpose is to assist parishioners to enter deeply into the mind of the Catholic Church by facilitating a Liturgy that is both sacred and genuinely Catholic.

Love to smile? Outgoing? Enjoy hosting guests? In hospitality we want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere by serving people, greeting people and answering basic inquiries.  

Community Outreach
Desire to serve those in need in the community? Outreach ministries prepare meals, collect donations, offer drives to appointments and assist those less fortunate.

Do you have any ideas for a social gathering for our parish? Maybe you would like to establish a social committee? … Parish picnic, movie & dessert night, BBQ after Mass, parish celebration at our local RSA or Kaiapoi parish centre, we have so many feast days in our liturgical year and so many reasons to celebrate.

Building community usually involves food. If you enjoy cooking, serving or creating opportunities for people to connect then this would be your place to get involved. 

Altar Setup and Service
Lots happens behind the scenes to create beautiful services. Getting involved in this area can mean either working behind-the-scenes through set up and organizing, and/or assisting during Mass.

Facilities and Administrative Support
This ministry is all about administrative projects (requiring varying degrees of skill), or building setup, teardown and maintenance. If you enjoy hands-on tasks, computer work or helping to organize then this is the place for you.

Formation, Education and Training
For our parish to grow we need to take responsibility for our formation. Are you a facilitator or teacher? Are you happy to host an adult formation DVD series in your home?  

Music and Audio Visual
Central to serving here are uplifting voices, talented musicians and technical know how. If you can sing, play an instrument or have a knack for computers and/or an interest in operating sound equipment we would love to talk to you.

Children and Youth
Do you have a heart for the next generation? We want to ignite young people and teenagers and help them start the discipleship journey on the right foot. Faith-filled adults and teenagers who are a few steps ahead on the journey are needed to help us fulfill this dream.

Let us know if you have a passion, talent or experience in fundraising. With the building of the Rangiora Church ahead of us, we would love your help.

Pastoral Care
Our priests need the help and support of the parish in identifying and meeting the many pastoral needs in our parish e.g. support after a bereavement or crisis. If you have a counselling qualification or experience please let our priests know.

Are you passionate about sharing the gospel? Consider joining the Alpha team or helping with our St Peter Chanel news.

First Aid
If you are a medical professional or trained in First Aid please let us know. It is helpful to know who we can call on in emergency medical situations. 

volunteer survey

Please take some time to discern where God may be calling you to use your gifts to build up his kingdom. We ask you to choose a maximum of 4 areas of interest. Someone from the ministry (or ministries) you select will then be in touch with you.