parish finance committee

The purpose and vision of the Parish Finance Committee is set out in the Diocesan document “Parish Norms” updated 5th January 2011.

In light of Canon 537, the finance committee collaborates with the parish priest in fulfilling the mission of the church in terms of:

  1. Resourcing. To ensure that the parish has the financial capacity both for the provision of assets and facilities (eg church, hall, presbytery etc) and the financial support of those involved in pastoral works (ie the parish priest, his staff, parish pastoral assistants, youth ministries etc).
  2. Planning. In a systematic way, planning both for the provision of this resourcing and its budgetary management.
  3. Accounting for, administering and safeguarding parish income, expenditure and assets.

Membership of the Parish Finance Committee (PFC)

  1. The Parish Norms state that there should be at least two, and no more than six, members comprising the PFC excluding the parish priest(s). The secretary is a non-voting ex officio member.
  2. Members are appointed by the parish priest who may consult with existing members of the PFC and PPC.
  3. It is highly preferable that at least one member be a suitably qualified accountant.
  4. For the Waimakariri parish, it is desirable to have, as a minimum, at least two members from Rangiora and one each from Kaiapoi and Oxford.


Kyran Newell (Chair)   021359589

Jim Martin   021 434655

Maureen Toland   0272865006

Fr John Adams

Elaine Ramsay Hassan (Secretary)  (03) 313 6285


Meeting Times and Place:           

4th Thursday of each month at 7.00pm at Rangiora Presbytery (except December)