Life in God

One thing I really enjoy visiting Hagley Park especially during Spring time is the beauty of daffodils. It is amazing that they come up from the ground and grow quickly. […]

Jesus, meek and humble of heart

The month of June ,in liturgical calendar , has a special significance. It is dedicated to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here we venerate the love and passion of […]

Mass – What is the most important part?

It is surprising to me that sometimes when people choose a place to go for mass, many only look at external things such as beauty of the church, singing, hospitality, […]

ONE GOD – The Almighty father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, BLESS US The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct […]

COME HOLY SPIRIT, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.

Pentecost is the blessed time to reflect on the gifts of holy spirit and how to make our life more blessed by using it. Fear of the Lord: With this […]

Ascension= proclamation + unity

St. Paul, through his letter to Ephesians calling us to make a unity among us That is our calling as believers. This unity is not one which the Christian needs […]

Communicate God’s Love

When Fr. Damien arrived in Molokai to assemble a prefabricated Church for the lepers, he spent the first few weeks sleeping out under the trees, because he was unable to […]

Remain in Me and I in You

‘I am the true vine’‘ is one of the beautiful sentence in the gospel of St. John. The meaning of this sentence is very rich both in theological and pastoral […]

I Am the Door of the Sheep

This Sunday, the Catholic Church celebrates Good Shepherd Sunday. The image of Jesus as a shepherd is one of the notable character that reveals his mission to the world. The […]

Peace Be With You

The four gospels tell us that after the Good Friday incident, namely Jesus’ death, many of his disciples were filled with fear, uncertainties and hopelessness; they locked themselves inside. Even […]