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We are joy-filled missionary disciples: fed by the Eucharist, growing in holiness, and taking the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to the people of Waimakariri.

Change of Focus from Maintenance to Mission...

Catholic parishes worldwide are undergoing change, as they cope with a rapidly declining Mass count and lack of faithful parishioners.

One parish where a miraculous transformation has occurred is St Benedict’s in the Archdiocese of Halifax, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in Canada. Under the guidance of Fr James Mallon that community has turned around a tired community with a declining Mass count. Fr Mallon was the keynote speaker at the NZ National Clergy Gathering in Christchurch in September 2018.

Our Parish invited all parishioners to a day of prayer and teaching with Fr James Mallon in September 2018. Parishioners who attended this event have been praying that the rest of our parish will become inspired to enter a deeper relationship with Jesus and the life of the Church.

A truly Spirit lead revival must start with us as individuals answering God’s call to holiness and deeper conversion. 

Do we want to move forward together as a community from maintenance to mission?

Do you think that there can be anything greater than to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus?

Pope John Paul II