gospel reflection

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A prophet is called Son of Man. He is the one who knows the mind of his master, he is the mouthpiece of God, and the mediator between his master and the people. The prophet’s strength for his mission is the word of his master. (Word of God). He said to me: Son of man, eat what you find here: eat this scroll, then go, speak to the house of Israel. [Ezk 3,1]. Ezekiel was sent by Yahweh to his people with a message that his people would know more about Yahweh. His mission is speaking to the people, hard of face and tough of heart, on the behalf of Yahweh. His message starts with ‘’thus says the Lord”. It has two implication. First, the message I am speaking to the people is not my own. I am, here just as a spokesman. Second, this message has nothing to do with my humanity and weakness. The success of the prophet does not depend upon the reaction of the audience. It is entirely dependent on the prophet’s obedience to his master. The life of Ezekiel doesn’t give us information about the prophets prior to his encounter with the Divine and his commissioning. What Ezekiel experienced transformed him and sent him to a task that in paper looks impossible and from which there was no release. Through the sacrament of baptism, we all have received the grace for the prophetic mission of Jesus. Like prophet Ezekiel, our daily prayer should be the basis of our mission. Our prayer life should transform us to a good prophet / missionary, first in our home, then to our community. Today our community needs many prophets who have the true spirit of God. To be a prophet to our home/society is a big challenge at this age. But it demands our faith. Does our prayer life enable us to be a good prophet / missionary ?

Fr Nixon

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