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Faith in Jesus

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When storms of life come to us, how do we deal with them? Do we run away from them or do we face them with confidence? Well! Each one of us may have different answers, but what Jesus is offering to us today is the best: Just have faith.

It is a little bit theory and mechanical when we use the word “faith” as a solution for any challenges. Actually, the formula of the way to get out of any life’s trouble is: we should do our best and let God do the rest. So what is faith? Faith, as defined by a theologian, is to believe in something that we cannot see; and the reward of that faith is that one day we will see what we have believed. The stories of a woman who had suffered from a heamorrhage and Jairus who asked Jesus to heal his daughter are stories of faith. They surrender themselves to Jesus. They come to him with great faith. It is an expression of their personal relation with Jesus. A personal faith says: “I believe in God.”  Faith seeks understanding and is a friend of reason. Saint Mark does not tell us whether the woman and the man have met Jesus, both of them truly trust in Jesus. It is their conviction that Jesus could bring the gift of healing to them. This is clearly demonstrated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “believing I Jesus Christ and in the One who sent him for our salvation is necessary for obtaining that salvation”(CCC no.161).

As we move into the future, the unknown; it is very important that we keep faith in the Lord. We all need the Lord to journey with us. However, the story of Saint Peter asking Jesus to help him walk on the water (Mtt 14:22-33) is a good lesson for us all. No matter what circumstance of life is, always have faith in the Lord. Let us keep our eyes fixed on him. He is our Good Shepherd. He brings life to us. With Jesus, everything will be fine.

Fr Do Nguyen

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