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Why are you afraid?

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Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” These questions are still hangs in the air. This questions have still relevance, especially when we are facing the problems. Faith and spiritualty move always in the midst of storm and struggle. How we overcome this storm and struggle are still a problem. Each of us is trying to live by the seed parables’ message in the midst of a chaotic life. Not only for our own sakes but for those on whose lives we hope to be a positive influence, whether children, friends, or family. Because our faith demands protection and support to those who are surrounded us. Each of us is surrounded by chaos, realizing that our attempts to order our lives, while legitimate, are precarious. We cannot control the behaviour of others. We cannot even control our own behaviours at times, feeling like Paul in Romans 7:14-25, “knowing what we ought to do and doing the opposite.”

All we need is faith the size of a grain of mustard seed to withstand the storm. ‘’NO FAITH’’ ( Have you till no faith) of course will lead to afraid. The reactions of both Jesus and disciples to this situation reminds us that lack of faith leads to fear and destruction (disciples) and faith lads to calmness and peace of mind. (Jesus).

When Jesus gets to the other side of lake ,he will not abandon his faithless disciples on the shore. That’s good news. He has more for them to experience as they continue to witness deliverance — and also the fearfulness that his actions provoke — from their front-row seats. Our life may be in chaos, but Christ is not going tom perish us. Do you believe this? Fr Nixon

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