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Life in God

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One thing I really enjoy visiting Hagley Park especially during Spring time is the beauty of daffodils. It is amazing that they come up from the ground and grow quickly. When the right time come, the brightness of flowers shines out and it attracts attention. No one could imagine that every year we can enjoy daffodils’ beauty without replanting them. Because they have already rooted in the ground and that enables them to live again.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is using two parables of hope and encouragement. He compares the growth of the Kingdom of God to the germination of a wheat seed and that of a tiny mustard seed. Both have very small beginnings. The wheat seeds, by gradual but steady growth, give the farmer a bumper crop. In the same way, the life principle in a tiny mustard seed enables it to grow into a large bush. God’s kingdom in human hearts and the growth of the Church also begin humbly. But under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – the Source of all life, they both flourish steadily and persistently.

The gospel’s message gives us hope. As the seed of faith was planted in our heart, nothing can destroy it. Just like winter challenges the growth of daffodils and there seems no hope, but its life is still strong. Spring comes and daffodils appear. No one should say that they have no hope for salvation and that their faith is not growing. It is God’s initiative that brings forth growth. If we permit him to nurture it with tender loving care, it will bring forth to abundant life. We need to be patient and not give up, because sometimes growth takes longer than we expect. God works in ways we do not understand.

Fr Do Nguyen

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