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Mass – What is the most important part?

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It is surprising to me that sometimes when people choose a place to go for mass, many only look at external things such as beauty of the church, singing, hospitality, liturgies, even the dignity of the celebrant, etc. Yes, they are important and they should be improved each time. If they are well done, people are helped to be lifted up to God. However, things that are the most important and worthy of our attention are the words of God and the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharistic celebration.

The truth is that there is no perfection in music. There is no perfection in hospitality. But there is perfection in the offerings Jesus gives us in the Eucharist. It is Jesus who becomes host and the giver of the food himself for he is truly present in the food as he says: “this is my body, this is my blood.” St Augustine once said: “You should understand what you have received, what you will receive, indeed what you should receive daily. That bread that you see on the altar and that has been sanctified by the word of God is the Body of Christ. That chalice – rather, that which the chalice contains – has been sanctified by the word of God and is the Blood of Christ. Through these things the Lord Christ wished to entrust to us His Body and his Blood, which he shed for us unto the remission of sins. If you receive them well, you are that which you receive. The Apostle says, ‘One bread and we, the many, are one body.’”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the Eucharist is “the source and summit of Christian life.” What more powerful and loving gift could our Lord have given than the gift of himself. This should be our main focus. It is the central of the celebration. When we come to this realization, the external of the Eucharistic celebration is not as important as its heart. Let’s pay our reverence each time when we receive is word and his own Body and Blood.

Fr Do Nguyen

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