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ONE GOD – The Almighty father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, BLESS US

The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is one God who eternally exists as three distinct Persons — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Stated differently, God is one in essence and three in person. These definitions express three crucial truths: (1) the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct Persons, (2) each Person is fully God, (3) there is only one God. To understand Trinitarian God with human intellect is too hard and impossible. But through our day to day experience it is too simple. The practical natures of trinity are UNITY, LOVE and MUTUAL RESPECT. These are the basic principles that we should adopt to daily life to make our life happy. When ever we apply these principles in our daily life, we are actually following and experiencing the doctrine of Trinity.

 A story of a little boy who wanted to meet God. He knew it would be a long journey. So one day he got up early and packed his bag with some biscuits, chocolates and soft drinks and set out on his journey without telling anyone. He had walked a short distance and reached a garden and found an old woman sitting quietly and feeding pigeons. The boy went and sat next to her and kept watching her action.  Then he felt hungry and took out a biscuit and was about to eat. But he looked at the old woman and shared some with her. She willingly accepted it and gave him a bright smile. He too smiled.  He shared his chocolates and drink and each time she gave her a smile better than previous one.  They shared no word with each other. Evening approached and the boy was tired and wanted to return home.  He had but taken a few steps, he turned back and gave a hug to the old woman who hugged in return giving the biggest smile ever. The boy reached home and the mother asked him why he looked so happy. The boy said: “Mom I had lunch with God today.”  Before she could say anything he added, “Look mom, she had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”  The Old Woman too reached home and her son asked her why she was so happy. She responded saying, “Look son I had lunch with God today and I did not know he was so young.”

Fr Nixon

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