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Communicate God’s Love

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When Fr. Damien arrived in Molokai to assemble a prefabricated Church for the lepers, he spent the first few weeks sleeping out under the trees, because he was unable to cope with the stench in the hovels of the lepers. He certainly wouldn’t dare preach to them about God’s love for them, because, as they saw it, that would be offensive. But slowly he opened his heart to the grace of God which enabled him to see the suffering Jesus in them. In no time, he was washing them, bandaging them, and burying them. He came to love them, and, through him, they came to believe that God loved them. He smoked a pipe to counteract the stench, but he soon was passing the pipe around for others to have a smoke. He ate food with them from a common bowl, out of which they scooped the food with hands that had no fingers. He caught the disease himself, and he was happy to be able to live and to die for them.

We ,the branches of the true vine, Jesus, have to follow his commandments of true love. He himself showed through his life, how to implement this love. In the history we have many examples and inspirations like Fr Dominic, St.Maximillian Kolbe, St. Mother Teresa.

To practices his love..

  • We need to cultivate an abiding and loving friendship with Jesus. We need to express this love in our relationships with others by loving them and offering them trust, faithfulness, equality, forgiveness, joy, and sacrifice.

2. We need to be persons for others: The most effective way of communicating God’s love to others is by treating everyone as a friend, giving everyone the respect he or she deserves. Always be ready to spend our time, talents, ect .for helping others. Keep always the mind set of Jesus.

Let us remember that Christ’s own love was not limited to the people he liked. So we have no right to limit our love.

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