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Remain in Me and I in You

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‘I am the true vine’‘ is one of the beautiful sentence in the gospel of St. John. The meaning of this sentence is very rich both in theological and pastoral perspectives.

The vinedresser. He is a person who manages the vineyard or he is the proprietor. Here, Jesus says his Father is a vinedresser, who has the authority over him. In the vineyard of earth, Jesus was planted by the hands of the caring vinedresser. The type of fruit that the true vine should yield was pre-destined by the vinedresser. The aim of the vinedresser is to get good fruit to all.

The true vine: Jesus is the true vine. Why is Jesus the true vine? Because he is a life giver and always produces good fruits and all the branches are pruned or trimmed regularly from season to season to obtain the best quality fruit. That is why he is asking us to be a branch in Him.

The branches. Everyone who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour is pictured as the branch of the true vine. The branches share a oneness or a common life with the roots of this true vine. The branches in true vine, Christ, is expressed oneness in holy spirit. Here Jesus reminds us of the constant need to abide in Him and that is the only secret to the fulfilment of one’s purpose.

The fruits. The fruit have a potential to multiply and the seeds within the fruit are the promise for another generation. The beauty of this fruit is it could satisfy many souls. The fruits produced by a person who abides in Christ is meant to satisfy the spiritual thirst of the needy souls. The ultimate goal of a true vine is to produce the right fruit of the desired quality by the vinedresser.

When Christ invites us to be branches of the true vine, he is intending to spread the fruits of the heavens among the world. Through our baptism we are called to be, so let us present ourselves to the hands of vinedresser to prune, to produce much fruits for the kingdom of God.

Fr Nixon

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