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I Am the Door of the Sheep

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This Sunday, the Catholic Church celebrates Good Shepherd Sunday. The image of Jesus as a shepherd is one of the notable character that reveals his mission to the world. The Gospel of John portrays this image very beautifully. And also the church calls us today, in a special way ,to pray for all the priests and the candidates to the priesthood.

Jesus is the good shepherd who gives his very life for his sheep. He contrasts his commitment to the sheep with the behaviour of the hired ones who flee at the first hint of danger. Jesus was fearless in the face of death in order to save his sheep.

Jesus knows the sheep. His knowledge of them, his familiarity with them as he enfolds them in his loving care, reflects the close relationship between the Father and the Son. The image of the shepherd is developed here with an extraordinary richness.

He will bring new members into his fold. The flock of Jesus Christ is not composed only of those who were first called. The mission of the followers of Jesus is not limited by boundaries of race, nation or origin. The unity of all the children of God is the goal of his coming and of his saving death and resurrection.

Jesus the good shepherd reveals the Lord’s free and generous self-giving. In doing the Father’s will he shows the power of his love, which is fully displayed in his rising to new life. The Good Shepherd is risen indeed, and shares his new life with us.

So today we should ask some questions to ourselves.

1. Do I value my place in the flock of the good shepherd?

2. Do I do what I can to attract others to receive new life from the Risen Lord?

Let us decide to pray for all pastors of the Church that they may truly imitate the Good Shepherd. And also pray for all those called to priesthood that they may respond with courage and generosity.

Fr Nixon

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