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Dear Parishioners

I write my final bulletin comment to you in the midst of my chaotic parish priests office as I attempt to sort through 20 years worth of paper work ! However my thoughts are clear as I look back on four very happy and fulfilling years here in the parish of St Peter Chanel. I believe that the Church should be evermore charismatic, trusting in the desire of the Father who sent the Son, to give us the Holy Spirit. Mysteriously, despite Palmerston North not having a bishop four years ago, the Holy Spirit led me here to St Peter Chanel. Divine Wisdom knew that I needed more work before taking on the vocation of a Bishop. In short I needed to come to this parish, and to see your faith and your goodness. So, thank you the parishioners and people of this place. I have learned many things. And for the times that my learning has been at the expense of some of you I apologise. I know there have been occasions when I have been blinded by my own self interest and pride and I ask your forgiveness for this.

I leave on Tuesday to begin my time in Palmerston North. I will continue to pray for this parish and for the great things that the Lord has prepared for you all. If you have time, you might remember to say a prayer for me as I begin the great adventure of faith in Palmerston North.

Fr John

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