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Shoes for Africa

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You may have heard of the story of the shoe salesman who, many years ago, was sent by his company to Africa to sell shoes there. However after a few months he sent a message back to the company to say that he was coming home early “because no one wears shoes over here…” At the same time a rival shoe company sent their sales rep to Africa, he too wrote back early to his company saying, please, please send me more shoes – “no one wears shoes over here…”

Jesus is clear with us in our gospel this weekend – there is a rich harvest, but we run the risk of losing it because we are short of laborers. Perhaps for too long we have seen this only as a call for more priests and religious to work in the Lords vineyard. I want to suggest to you that in fact it is a call to each one of us, personally, to put our shoulder to the plow in spreading the good news of the kingdom. We do this by a constant pursuit of personal holiness. It’s when we take this project seriously that the Lord will use us to build the kingdom.

Our parish is growing and thriving because more and more people are taking up the challenge to become missionary disciples. Let’s take our Gospel this weekend to be a personal invitation to more ardent in our own vocation of holiness.

Fr John

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