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It’s slightly unusual to be celebrating the departure of some one we love, and yet this is what we do this weekend as the Church places before us the Solemn Feast of the Ascension. However it is a reality that sometimes going away allows a greater love. Think of the parents of the young person who has finally come of age and leaves home for the first time. Great love is asked of the parent to allow this necessary transition. There is something profound about a love that does not require possession.

Jesus promised that he would not leave us orphans, and so he remains with us – particularly in the sacraments of the Church. And of course our understanding of the Ascension would not be complete without the beautiful reassurance that Pentecost is immanent – the Holy Spirit is coming…

As we celebrate this great feast lets undertake to search more earnestly for Christ, present, but hidden now among us. And lets also prepare our hearts for the great festival of Pentecost.

Fr John

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