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Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

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We are living in the joy of Great Easter, which is not limited to the days of the Easter season but is meant to be a daily reality for Christians who live in the power of the resurrected Christ. The resurrection of Jesus brings a message of hope, new life, and forgiveness to all who believe in him. As Catholics, we are called to live in the reality of this hope and joy, knowing that our sins are forgiven and that we have been reconciled to God through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. However, life is difficult and challenging at times. Jesus understands how hard it is to follow him. He understands our daily struggles, our hunger, thirst, fatigue, rejection, loneliness, physical and spiritual pain. That is why in our Gospel today, Jesus promises to ask the Father to send another Advocate to be with us forever. The Greek word for “Advocate” is “parakletos,” which means “one who is called alongside” or “one who provides assistance.” This Advocate is the Holy Spirit, who will always be walking alongside us to guide us in all truth.

The Holy Spirit has played a significant role in salvation history from the beginning. In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God is portrayed as the creative force that hovers over the waters at the beginning of creation (Genesis 1:2) and the source of wisdom and power for Israel’s leaders and prophets (Isaiah 11:2, Micah 3:8, Judges 6:34). In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is revealed as the third person of the Trinity, co-equal and co-eternal with the Father and the Son. He is our lifelong friend and our “Helper” or “Comforter” who comes alongside us, guiding, teaching, and empowering us in our journey of faith. The Spirit’s presence ensures that believers are never left alone or orphaned but have the ongoing support and guidance of God Himself. Jesus also reminds us that we need to prepare ourselves to be transformed by the Holy Spirit who is soon to come and dwell among us.

Huong Dihn Van

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