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I Am Going to Prepare a Place for You

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George Bernard Shaw remarked once that, “The statistics on death have not changed. One out of one person dies.” Our Gospel this weekend is heard so often at funerals, but its appearance in our Sunday mass this week is an opportunity to consider our mortality and the truth that, for those who have faith, our death is not the end. Surely this is one of the greatest consolations of our faith. That Jesus has conquered death, that when we die our lives are changed, not ended.

Its incredible to think that in the midst of the vast amount of human research and scientific progress, no one can tell us what happens to us in the first minute after we die. No, this is the realm of faith – without its insights the outlook beyond our last breath is bleak indeed.

A parishioner recalled a comment she received at a secular funeral recently. Another woman who had experienced the loss of a loved one said to this parishioner – “how lucky you are to have faith…” As we contemplate the reassuring words of Jesus, that he ‘going to prepare a place for us’, lets be unafraid to acknowledge our mortality and ask for Gods grace that we might live lives which point beyond the grave.

Fr John

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