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“He Is not here, for He has risen.”

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In a world so marked by the desire to possess the great festival of Easter is based on a new reality – the silence and emptiness of the tomb. Often of course we do not like emptiness – it frightens us, it seems bleak, it appears to offer no future. That all changed on Easter morning. Emptiness need not be a sign of nothingness . No, the absence of Jesus, and the silence of the tomb that morning was, and still is, an invitation to seek him out, ‘where has he gone…’

The women who looked into that tomb on Easter morning discovered and understood that this was an absence that attracted them to life. Silence was now the place in which they would hear the Word. This realisation filled the women with “…awe and great joy.. and they ran to tell the disciples.”

It was only then, in sharing the good news inspired by that empty tomb that they met Jesus. “Greetings…” Jesus said to them, “…do not be afraid.”

Emptiness, anguish, the loss of hope is all around us, particularly in these days. But I put it to you that the emptiness of the tomb of Jesus is in fact an invitation to reconsider our lives. Yes, if we are prepared to rest in the silence, in that absence, we will find that Jesus is waiting for us, just as he was that first Easter morning.

Jesus has risen.

A blessed and Holy Easter to you and those you love from the parish team at St Peter Chanel.

Fr John Adams

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