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The Great Week of the Year

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Each Palm Sunday I can’t resist the quip that the Donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem thought that everyone was cheering for him…

Its true isn’t it, Jesus, who came into the world as a remedy for sin, should take our constant battle with pride, by arriving into Jerusalem on a humble donkey. No proud horse bridled with festive decorations for Him as he arrived triumphantly into the Holy City, but, instead, a small donkey, the animal that had carried He and his mother away from Bethlehem soon after he had been born.

This coming week presents to each one of us an invitation – to share in this same great journey. To walk humbly with Jesus as he submits himself to all that is worst in the world.

I commend to you the ceremonies of the Sacred Triduum this coming week. The beauty of the mass of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday will renew and enliven your love for the Eucharist. The Stations of the Cross on Good Friday morning will allow you to share in something of the courage of our Lord who carried that cross so that we need not carry our sins any longer. The Friday 3pm liturgy laying bare for us the stark reminder of both the horror of the crucifixion and the depth of Christ’s love for us. And then finally the Easter Vigil and Easter masses which allow us to know, at a deep level, that the victory over sin and death has been won, and that we are invited to share in this greatest mystery of Gods love for us.

Lets give thanks this coming week for the richness our faith brings into our lives.

Fr John

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