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LENT, A Time For Us To Be Transfigured

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Sometimes when I visit the young people at our parish schools, they like to show me caterpillars that they are watching. They know that eventually those caterpillars will change into big beautiful butterflies. The process for this transformation is called ‘Metamorphosis.’ This English word has the same Greek origins as the word ‘Transfiguration’ that we hear in our Gospel reading this week. Christ is revealed in his glory, he is the culmination of the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah).

Our Gospel this weekend also reminds that it has been said that Christianity is not a movement or an organization, or a society or an association. No – Christianity is about a person, Jesus Christ. Coming to know this person, Jesus is the Christian life – it is the life of every Catholic. Knowing Jesus involves both a journey into his humanity and his divinity. Yes, Jesus was/is a real person, he experienced the joys and sorrows of life as each one of us does. But Jesus is also divine, he lived a supernatural life here on earth. Our gospel reading this weekend concentrates us on the divine dimension of Jesus’ earthly life. In the event of the Transfiguration we see Jesus preparing for the Easter events in his communion with his Father and the saints that had gone before him.

This time of Lent is also a call for all of us to undergo a spiritual metamorphosis, to become more like the person of Jesus. To shed, from our lives, those things which restrain us from fully embracing the freedom that comes from being an Easter person.

Fr John

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