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The Great and Rare Adventure of Faith

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Jesus offers us two images concerning our faith in this weekend’s Gospel. One is the thought of salt which has lost its taste. As Jesus reminds us, when this happens, salt looses its efficacy and becomes somewhat useless. This is a strong image if we transfer it to our lives of faith. The thought that we are simply going through the motions disappoints us and we might, quite rightly, ask ourselves; ‘what can I do ?’

‘Must try harder’ is a comment most commonly found on old school reports, and, as it was then, so it is now, not a useful comment when it comes to faith. Greater effort is not always the answer. Better instead to go to the Lord in humble prayer and to petition, ‘enliven my faith, restore my faith, Lord Jesus I offer myself to you anew’ any of these sentiments is one sure way to begin to restore and enliven our faith.

Another remedy for faith which has lost its urgency and colour, is to be found in the second image Jesus offers us. Faith is rejuvenated when it is shared. It’s self-gift which gains us our liberty, it’s self forgetfulness that marks our growth in holiness. Hiding the light of our faith under a tub is sure to extinguish it. So, if you are up for it, how about asking the Lord to show you a way in which you can witness more clearly to your faith. But, be careful and strap yourself in, a great and rare adventure awaits you.

Fr John

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