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Happy the Merciful

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Our Gospel this weekend is a famous one – the Beatitudes. These words of Jesus express what it means to be a Christian – what it means to be a disciple. These beautiful statements of faith are difficult to analyse because they express that great and mysterious paradox, namely that true joy that comes only when we make a gift of ourselves in love.

These beatitudes also seem to contradict all that the ‘world’ has to say. In a society that seems to reward aggression, looking after number one, personal advancement, and ‘just doing it’, Jesus proposes something different. That it is those who mourn who will be happy, that those who are gentle will inherit the earth for their heritage, and that those who are persecuted in seeking what is right, will gain the Kingdom.

As we hear these words once more at mass this weekend, lets hear them as an invitation to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s call to each one of us.

Fr John

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