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Evangelisation Begins with Intimacy with Jesus

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Pope Francis shared in Rome this past week the observation that when Jesus first appeared with John the Baptist it wasn’t to perform a miracle or even to preach – he began by mingling with the people that John had baptized.

Too often people share with me certain feelings of inadequacy when it comes to evangelization. However Jesus in this instance shows us the way – that His love can be shared firstly through a preparedness to mix with strangers and to offer them the gift of Christian company.

In our Gospel this weekend John the Baptist languishes in prison – his time here on earth soon to come to an end. However, even behind bars the friendships that he had made along with Christ continued to inspire others to take the gospel into the world.

As 2023 begins lets invite the Lord to use us, in our everyday lives, to be agents of the Good News.

Fr John

Happy New Year

As the new year unfolds before us I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some information about the We begin the year with no permanent replacement for Fr Tien who is soon to begin his time as the parish priest of the MacKenzie Parish. However we have some good news that Fr Do, who served this parish so well just a few years ago will be us. At this stage we are unsure as to how long he will be here in North Canterbury – but like you, I’m very happy to be working with Fr Do as the new year begins. He should be with us from the second week in February. In the mean time I thank the various priests who have been coming and going from our parish to enable our mass timetable to continue.

We are also lucky to have Huong Dinh coming to spend the year in the parish. Huong is a fine young man and one of our senior seminarians. He will be living in the parish and will help out in various ways as he continues his journey to ordination.

Fr John

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