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Marriage and Heaven

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In our Gospel this week we observe the religious leaders of the time attempting to trip Jesus up. They use a very contrived story to expose Jesus and to undermine his authority. In fact the result is the opposite. This attack provides Jesus with the opportunity to teach us something very valuable about what awaits us when we are called from this life.

We learn from Jesus the rather startling fact that there will be no marriage in heaven. What does this mean ? A technical answer to this question would be that there will be no need for any Sacraments in heaven. Now, here on earth, Jesus is with us hidden in the Sacraments, but in heaven he will be with us  fully, face to face. So, in heaven, the Sacraments such as Marriage, will cease.

Our Gospel also points to the fact that Heaven will not simply be a continuation of the reality we know here on earth. All our relationships will be deeper and different from what we experience now. Ourselves, and others, will no longer be disfigured by sin, we will be free to love in the way that God originally intended. We will have ‘glorified resurrected bodies’ which will no longer suffer the affects of disease or ageing. There will be no more suffering or pain, only peace and joy.

I sometimes quip that we will all be married to each other in heaven and sometimes people look worriedly around them in the pews ! But don’t worry, the absolute greatness of others and our own wonderful lovability will be abundantly clear to us in heaven.

Worth looking forward to don’t you think ?

Fr John

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