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On Being Always Thankful

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In our gospel this weekend Jesus makes a point of identifying the one leper, out of the ten who were cured, who returned to give thanks. Giving thanks locks in and makes efficacious the grace that Jesus offers to us.  For this reason – giving thanks, praising God for His goodness to us, is a vital component of a mature spiritual life.

I’ve always enjoyed the following story;

A large dog walks into a butcher shop carrying a purse in its mouth. He puts the purse down and sits in front of the meat case. “What is it, boy?” the butcher jokingly asks. “Want to buy some meat?” “Woof!” barks the dog. “Hmm,” says the butcher. “What kind? Liver, bacon, steak …” “Woof!” interrupts the dog. “And how much steak? Half a pound, one pound …” “Woof!” The amazed butcher wraps up the meat and finds the money in the dog’s purse.

As the dog leaves he decides to follow. The dog enters an apartment house, climbs to the third floor and   begins scratching at a door. With that, the door swings open and an angry man starts shouting at the dog. “Stop!” yells the butcher. “He’s the most intelligent animal I’ve ever seen!” “Intelligent?” says  the man. “This is the third time this week he’s forgotten his key.”

He wasn’t thankful.

Fr John

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