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To Live for HIM Alone

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The language of our Gospel this weekend is strong indeed. Jesus is asking us to live for him alone. Yes, even if that appears to involve behind those we love – our families, we are to put Him first in our lives.

Surely this is too tough an ask ? Well, let’s think again, you see the greatest gift we can give to our families is for us to become a saint. And we know from the lives of the saints holiness gave them a tremendous capacity for love.  It’s when we are saints that God will use us in ways that we never thought imaginable. Making a gift of ourselves will not bind us up – but is instead the path to an ever deeper freedom.

Jesus attempts to wake us up to this divine truth by telling us two stories of powerful men who are about to embark on great but risky projects. Each, he suggests, ought to be clear about what is in front of them. This is advice for us also –as we set out as disciples of Jesus, inevitably we will encounter the cross,  as Jesus did.

Fr John

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