All parishioners are invited to share a meal with others they may not know. Register your interest via the clipboards in the church foyers or by emailing Carly at by Sunday 18 September. 

  • As a host you will need to supply and organise a meal for your guests. (Any special dietary requirement will be at your preapproval).  

  • As a guest you will be required to supply the drinks (or a dessert if requested). 

  • You can indicate whether you would prefer a family friendly 5pm dinner slot or a slightly later 7pm start.  

  • You can indicate whether you would like to stay local or are happy to travel. 

  • Hosts will be given a full week to prepare and organise their evening meal. If you wish your guests to supply dessert, please indicate below 

  • Hosts will not know who their guests are until their arrival! 

  • The guests will not know their hosts address until given a phone call, probably the day before the dinnerThe hosts remain unknown until they answer the door (unless of course you already know the address)!