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The Harvest is Rich

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There is a danger that we consign the events of the Gospel to mere history forgetting that the supernatural genius of the scriptures teaches us that they can speak directly into out lives today. Yes, the genius of the Gospel is that it is ever new. In our Gospel this week we hear of Jesus sending out the 72. These first evangelisers were to trust in Gods providence and not weigh themselves down with material comfort. Sure enough the 72 come back full of joy and rejoicing. Jesus then tempers their enthusiasm a little reminding them that there is also a danger of triumphalism and pride when we experience the power of God at work  in us.

That great commissioning of the 72 was not merely history – it’s also our commissioning. Each one of us, through our baptism, is called to this great missionary endeavor. Lets be courageous in our prayer this week and be prepared to petition Jesus with open hearts asking; “What might be my role in this glorious work of preaching the good news?”

Fr John

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