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Divine Advice

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Our Gospel this weekend is one of the beautiful and mystical post resurrection accounts from John’s    Gospel. Jesus appears on the shore of the lake and encounters the disciples after their unsuccessful night of    fishing. We might imagine that this is Jesus speaking to us after a time in the darkness when perhaps our aspirations have come to naught.

Note what Jesus proposes to the fishermen, and us. He suggests we put aside our human experience and listen instead to His divine advice. “Cast out on the other side…” Jesus tells the despondent fishermen.

The result – a catch beyond their wildest expectations.

Jesus then makes provision for the ongoing spiritual sustenance of the now successful disciples. Jesus knows that initial success is no guarantee of being fit for the long-term mission in front of them. Jesus feeds them bread to sustain them for the long journey of discipleship.

This weekend we will also be looking at the long-term mission of our parish and how this can be sustained. For some years now we have been living beyond our income. Yes, we have had some recent success in sharing the Gospel with our community, but surely this is just the beginning.

Can you help us with this? You will see from the sheet that accompanies this bulletin that our levels of giving are quite low. If you were able to reconsider your level giving to St Peter Chanel this would be a great gift to us at this time.

Fr John

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