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The Joy of the Empty Tomb

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Yes, the great festival of Easter is with us once again as we re-live the central truth of our faith – that the final victory will always go to love. Death has been destroyed, the darkness will never again prevail, the light of the Risen Christ has come intro the world.

Good Friday was not the end of the Easter story….

As we experience now this great week of the liturgical year, when each weekday is another Easter Sunday, lets contemplate anew the empty tomb. Empty – well not quite, left in the tomb were the burial clothes of Jesus. Perhaps these were left for us as a symbol of our old self, an invitation for us to leave behind all that ‘we put on’ that prevents us from knowing the love of God, to prefer instead to walk anew with the Risen Christ.

On behalf of the parish team here at St Peter Chanel, I wish you and those you love, every Easter joy as we move forward together in the light of ‘Jesus crucified and risen from the dead’.

“Beloved, we are God’s children now…” (1 John 3:2).

Fr John

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