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We might say that our celebration this week of Palm Sunday has a bitter-sweet quality to it. Yes, its    wonderful to behold the welcome given to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem, but, given the privilege of hindsight we also know that many of those who lined the side of the road to greet Jesus would be, less than a week later, calling for his crucifixion. How difficult we find it to accept that there are goods higher than our own desires.

Each Holy week is a wonderful opportunity to do exactly this, to move beyond the immediate and    pressing concerns of our individual lives and to enter into the central drama of our Christian faith.  If we are    indeed made in the image and likeness of God – it’s the Easter mysteries which infuse our lives with meaning and purpose. It’s the great festival of Easter that immerses us in the truths of unconditional love and sacrifice.

And so I invite you to once again consider making a commitment to the three great liturgies of the Easter Triduum; The Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7.00pm on Holy Thursday evening at Kaiapoi, the 3pm Liturgy on Good Friday which we hope to hold outdoors at Rangiora, and the Easter Vigil at 8pm on Holy Saturday evening in Kaiapoi. Easter Sunday we have our usual mass schedule. Please also consider the opportunity for confession on Wednesday evening in Rangiora 7-9pm, and the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday morning in all three of our communities at 10am. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to be active in our parish this coming week.

Fr John

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