gospel reflection


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We have before us this weekend another long Gospel from St John. It’s the story of the raising of Lazarus – a friend of the Lord. I think it’s useful as we near the end of our Lenten journey this year, to delve a little  deeper into this text. Yes, the story is a wonderfully powerful one, showcasing for us the power of Jesus, even over death itself. But isn’t it also true that each one of us, like Lazarus, is imprisoned in some way, each one of us need to be liberated from the tomb, each one of us need to be unbound…

I would ask all parishioners this year to take advantage of the sacrament of penance which will be offered more frequently over the coming weeks. Making a good confession is surely the act of being set free from those things that bind us up. Why not be free to welcome the risen Lord into your life liberated from your sorrows and regrets.

Jesus is the answer to our deepest desires, to be set free of those things which take our freedom away, our freedom to love more, our freedom to make an even greater gift of ourselves to those we in turn love. “Unbind us Lord, as you set Lazarus your friend free…”

Fr John

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