gospel reflection


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If you are reading this bulletin comment then you have not been afflicted with physical blindness. However all of us struggle with some degree of blindness – it’s the tussle between how we ‘see’ ourselves, and the reality of the life we are living. This season of Lent is the chance for reality and desire to come together, a chance for our desire for holiness to translate into a conversion of hearts.

We are then, all of us, the blind man in our Gospel today. Jesus will walk by us, but not on a street in Jerusalem but in word, and sacrament, at mass this weekend. Jesus will not put a paste in our eyes, but he will enter into us through our ears as we hear his word, and our mouths as we receive the Eucharist. And so the same question Jesus asked two thousand years ago of the blind man he also asks of us: Do you believe in the Son of Man ?

This is the great question, it is the question asked of every Christian throughout this season of Lent.  Let’s ask for the grace to reply with an emphatic ‘yes, I believe’.

Fr John

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