gospel reflection

Being Transfigured

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One of the things that the young children like to show me when I visit the junior classrooms in our schools are the Caterpillar’s that they are watching. They know that eventually those Caterpillar’s will change into big    beautiful butterflies. The process for this transformation is called Metamorphosis. This English word has the same Greek origins as the word ‘Transfiguration’ that we hear in our Gospel reading this week. Christ is revealed in his glory, he is the culmination of the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah).

This time of Lent is also a call for all of us to undergo a spiritual metamorphosis. To shed, from our lives, those things which restrain us from fully embracing the freedom that comes from being an Easter person.

Lets pray then, that we too might be transfigured in this Lenten period. That like Peter we might also hear the voice of God, calling us to recognize the Son, in whom we have all our hope.

Fr John

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