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Side Mirrors

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One of the features offered in new cars these days is called ‘blind-spot monitoring’. It’s a little orange light that glows on your side mirror when a car has come up into the area that is hidden from ones normal field of vision when driving.

 Jesus is speaking about spiritual blind spots in our Gospel this weekend. He suggests that each one of us is susceptible to not seeing our own weaknesses while, at the same time, being overly sensitive to the weaknesses of others. Jesus teaches us that the remedy to this malaise is a new determination towards personal  holiness.

Lent gives each one of us that opportunity. To undertake, during the next six weeks, a time personal examination. To ask the Lord for the grace to make an honest appraisal of our lives.

The scriptures, in the book of Genesis tells us that  Adam and Eve hid from God in the garden. Lent is a time for us to come out from our hiding places, to allow God to love us more. This inevitably will demand of us some     discipline and self-denial.

Last year we offered an early morning mass in Kaiapoi, this year Fr Tien and I have decided to offer an early morning mass at 7am, on Tuesdays in Rangiora. Each of our parish churches will also be offering the Stations of the Cross, and the opportunity to participate in the Caritas Lenten program. We hope that these  extra opportunities for people encounter the Lord in Word and Sacrament will prepare us well for the great   celebrations of the Easter Triduum.

Let’s all pray for a Holy Lent this year.

Fr John

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