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Who Knows Best?

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Peter, in our Gospel this weekend, knew that there were no fish where Jesus was directing them to cast their nets. After all he was a professional fisherman, Jesus on the other hand was a carpenter. Peter and his friends had been fishing in that spot all night – they all knew there were no fish there. But, after having heard Jesus, Peter decided to put aside his human knowledge and to trust in the divine command of Jesus.

After discovering a catch beyond his wildest expectations Peter suddenly became aware of his sinfulness. Not only did Jesus enable a great catch of fish, he also allowed Peter to ‘wake up’ to the reality that he was living a life trusting in his own human capabilities, rather than trusting in the gift, offered by Jesus, to share in the divine life.

The offer made to Peter is also made to you and me. We too can continue to live lives    according to the dictates of the secular world, or we can ‘cast out into the deep’ and place our trust in the author of life – Jesus himself.

St Ignatius, one of the great spiritual masters of our Catholic tradition, put it this way “ …take Lord receive all I have and possess, my memory, my understanding, my entire will. You have given them all to me, now I return them. Give me only your love and your grace – that’s enough for me.”

As we gather once again this Sunday to praise and worship the Lord, lets ask that like St Peter we might not be afraid to accept the sovereignty of Jesus in our lives.

Fr John

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