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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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I have taken some time during the month of January to catch up with some long overdue reading. One of the topics I have been interested in is our strategies for evangelisation. Too often the Catholic Church is perceived as a vehicle for the  imposition of some sort of Victorian moral code, when in fact we are custodians of the greatest love story ever told.  Our efforts to tell the world about this story run into all sorts of barriers and yet, its in those very efforts, that we  ourselves are galvanised in our own faith. Jesus himself in our Gospel this weekend also confronts opposition from his own community. He tells the people that their faith is not something to be observed from a distance, that our faith is not merely knowledge of a series of historic events, but that our faith is unfolding before us even as we read/hear these words. The people are furious at the thought that their faith calls for a radical rethink of their very purpose in life.

As we begin this new year as a parish lets continue with a certain boldness to tell that great love story, not only   because the urgent need for it to be told and heard, but that we also might be more fully captured by the One we proclaim.

Fr John

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