What does the new COVID-19 Protection Framework mean for our Parish?

Our Parish will be providing Masses for all parishioners regardless of vaccination status. In order to comply with Government regulations and the recommendations of the Catholic Bishops Conference we will provide more Sunday Masses each weekend.

We will be offering two types of Masses: 1) Masses where no pass is required, which will be coded Yellow, and 2) Masses where Vaccine Pass are required, which will be coded Blue. 

Our Sunday Masses this Weekend (4-5 December 2021):

To register for “Yellow Masses” please visit this website: 

Registration is not necessary for “Blue Masses”. 

Due to the new and constantly changing nature of this new system, and this weekend being our
first with the new Traffic Light restrictions, Mass times may need to be further amended over the
coming weeks and months. 

Please bear with us in grace as we do our best to navigate all of the complexities involved in this. 

We also plan to instate regular Online Sunday Masses to accommodate those who are unwell or
unable to attend Mass. The Archbishop has confirmed that the obligation for Mass remains lifted. 

The SLT and Parish team will continue to review weekday Masses, other Parish gatherings, and
make plans for the rest of the Advent/Christmas season in the coming week. These will be clearly
communicated through our newsletter, on our website and social media. 

Please remember to stay home if you are feeling unwell. 

Record keeping/scanning is still required at all Masses. 

Please note that under Orange, face coverings are required for workers and volunteers.
For everyone else masks remain highly encouraged, but not mandatory. 

Sandra will be in touch regarding rosters. All attending and serving at Vaccine Pass
Masses will need to be vaccinated. We will also need a few volunteers after each
Mass to stay back and help wipe down surfaces. 

Finally, if anyone is struggling, would like a visit or feels lonely, please let the
Parish staff know and we can arrange a visit. 

God bless you 

Senior Leadership Team