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Looking Towards the End

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As the liturgical year nears its end appropriately our readings this weekend speak of the end times and how we will recognize them. Jesus uses the image of the tree and the outward signs that it exhibits as the seasons change. However the thinking of Jesus about the inevitability of change and eventually death is not a bleak vision. No, surely this is the good news of our faith. That aging and the decline that often accompanies it is, for the Christian, also the promise of being born into the fullness of life.

The end of the world is therefore a good thing, and it is something that we Christians pray for and look forward to, not because we are fed up with this world, but because we love this world even as God loves it, and we long for it to be made whole and perfect, which God in his love for us will accomplish at the blast of the last trumpet.

Until then, we pray, Come Lord Jesus!’

Fr John

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