gospel reflection

“Do Not Stop Them…”

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As is so often the case, our Gospel this week asks us to walk a path that is difficult. On this occasion it’s the difficult path of being both open to the presence of the Holy Spirit in many places, often outside the               boundaries of the Church, and on the other hand, being faithful to, and protecting, the deposit of faith entrusted to the Catholic Church from the beginning.

How are we make this journey of openness and engagement with those who live godly lives, whilst also ourselves living a life of faithfulness to the Traditions we value so highly within our own Catholic heritage?  I think that Jesus provides us with a simple formula in our Gospel today; those who live and act in His name cannot be against us. Yes, it’s in keeping our eyes firmly on Him, that we will become collaborators with our brothers and sisters who are doing the same.

Authentic ecumenical dialogue is fruitful when both parties deepen their gaze on the risen Christ. Ecumenical dialogue is not genuine when the truth is compromised in an effort to gain consensus. This Sunday, in the light of our Gospel, lets ask for the Lord to bless all those who are involved in the vital work of ecumenism and lets ask for a ever deeper charity in our dialogue with brother and sister Christians.

Fr John

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