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Mary Assumed Body and Soul Into Heaven

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It appears more and more that as a society we are very aware of the importance and the vulnerability of the body. We diet and we exercise at new levels. We watch the level of our cholesterol and blood pressure. We realize that the body is the vehicle of life. We live as long and as well as the body supports the soul. We know well that the body is the instrument of pleasure, pain and procreation.

But the body is also the instrument of knowledge. All the knowledge we have, even the most abstract, comes in originally from one of the five senses. The body is also the instrument of the communication of knowledge. No one can read our mind. We express our thoughts through the body, with language and signs.

The body is also the instrument of grace. We receive the sacraments, the channels of grace, through the body. The body is also the instrument of worship. True worship is in spirit and truth. But it is expressed through the body in words, gestures, genuflections etc. The Liturgy is not only expressive of worship, it is creative of it.

The lesson of the Assumption is that the whole person, body and soul, participates in the battle of life and the whole person, body and soul, will participate in the victory. Let us ask Mary, assumed body and soul into heaven, to obtain for us the grace to respect and discipline the body so that one day we may join her, body and soul, in heaven.

Fr John

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