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Come Away To Some Lonely Place

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Come Away To Some Lonely Place

Without being pedantic about words, I note in our gospel this weekend Jesus says come away to some lonely place – not go away to some lonely place. In other words Jesus is inviting his disciples, and implicitly us, to come away with Him. I’m sure few would disagree that activism is one of the greatest obstacles to our growth in the spiritual life. Yes, the call of Jesus is there for each one of us – but the noise of activity makes it hard for us to hear Him.  Jesus longs for our company – how are we to respond ?

Note too that Jesus asks us to come away to a deserted place all by ourselves. Of course other people are  important to our lives – but being alone with Jesus, one on one, this is the place where life gains its purpose and meaning.

Why not consider this in your life at this time ? I realise that this may seem an impossible thought, especially for those of you involved in busy families and demanding careers, but just a few days of solitude, a few days of rest,   a few days alone in a deserted place with Jesus, this time will increase our capacity to engage with the sometimes overwhelming demands of modern life.

Why not ask the Lord for a miracle, ask for the opportunity to respond to His invitation to “…come away…”

Fr John

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