gospel reflection


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Our Gospel this week concerns two instances where the touch of Jesus changes a life. Two women are transformed despite coming to Jesus from opposite ends of society. Firstly, a young woman who has just died, the daughter of a prominent official Jairus – just 12 years old, and then the other woman, much  older, and living on the margins because of her illness which has been with her for many years. Each of them are transformed by the healing power of Jesus. Jesus touches them both and in doing so breaks through a strong prohibition. In Jewish society at that time, dead bodies, and those suffering as the older woman was, were considered unclean. The only remedy for each in Jewish religious law was to be brought to the temple for purification. But Jesus, ‘the new temple’ comes to them. This is the great  reversal – this is the radical transformation that Jesus brings to the world. Out of love Jesus longs for us and desires to be close to us. Yes, God comes to us, despite our frailty – despite the ‘sickness’ of each one of us, despite each one of us being at times ‘dead’ in our faith God reaches out to us through the touch of His Son, Jesus.

As we gather as a parish this weekend, lets once again give thanks and praise God for the gift of His Son Jesus to us.

Fr John

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