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Seeds of Faith

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Two parables before us this weekend, and each of them offer, in my view, great encouragement to us. Both parables are based on agriculture, a theme which surely resonated with the people living in the time of Jesus. The first Christians were also people suffering from misunderstanding and persecution. Here in North Canterbury we live in an area which has agriculture at its heart, and I also believe as a Christian Catholic we do suffer from misunderstanding and an increasing level of persecution. Where then is the ‘good news’ for us ?

Both parables also have the theme of the good news of kingdom, a kingdom that is spreading ‘ how we do not know’. Yes, the power of the gospel is hidden indeed as is the germination and growth of a seed. Our work – to prepare the soil and to harvest the rich crop the ‘word ‘produces.

This is where the renewal of our parish will come from, from our cooperation with the grace of God. We cannot earn our salvation, we cannot purchase it, but we can prepare ourselves, and others,     to receive the seed of Gods grace, and we can be ready to accompany those who are hearing the call of the Good Shepherd.

Fr John

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