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Interior Nourishment

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Interior Nourishment

One of the Lenten disciplines that can bring us closer to the living Christ is the habit of reading the Gospel  – every day. I found these words from Pope Francis inspiring;

“We listen to so many things throughout the day, so many things…. But I ask you a question: do we take a little time each day to listen to Jesus, to listen to Jesus’ word? Do we have the Gospels at home? And do we listen to Jesus each day in the Gospel, do we read a passage from the Gospel? Or are we afraid of this, or unaccustomed to reading it? To listen to Jesus’ word in order to nourish ourselves! This means that Jesus’ word is the most          nourishing food for the soul: it nourishes our souls, it nourishes our faith! I suggest that each day you take a few minutes and read a nice passage of the Gospel and hear what happens there. 

Hearing Jesus, and each day Jesus’ word enters our hearts and makes us stronger in faith. I also suggest that you have a little Gospel, very little, to carry in your pocket, in your purse, and when we have a little time, perhaps on the bus … when it’s possible on the bus, because on the bus it’s often a bit difficult to keep our balance and guard our pockets, isn’t it?…. But when you are seated, here or there, you can also read during the day. Take the Gospel and read two little words. Having the Gospel with us always! It was said that several of the early martyrs — St Cecilia for example — always carried the Gospel with them: they carried the Gospel; she, Cecilia, carried the Gospel.  Because it is truly our basic meal, it is Jesus’ word, which nourishes our faith.” 

Pope Francis March 2014

In these early days of Lent, this may be an inspiration to you to nourish your interior life in this great season of grace.

Fr John

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