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Pray for the Vocation to the Priesthood

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On 6th June 2020, I travelled to Palmerston North for the ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Trung Nguyen, another new Vietnamese priest for the Palmerston North Diocese. On this occasion, I was filled with joy, and I wished that there would be more ordinations to the priesthood of men who are from New Zealand too.

While having a coffee with some friends, I was talking to them about promoting the vocation to the priesthood in Christchurch, and one of my friends asked me to keep inviting young men to discern the vocation to the   priesthood. He said, ‘you know if no man has asked to marry his wife, half of the world’s population may not have been married at all.’ This really highlights the importance of our invitation to our young men and women in discerning their religious vocations as well.

My hope is that everyone of us in our common priesthood of Christ can become a promoter of vocations in our families. By doing this, each of us becomes the voice of Jesus in inviting young men and women to consecrate their life to God in serving him and his Church. At times, as parents you may not know where and how to start inviting your children to think about a religious vocation; how about imitating Mary, our Mother in her                 presentation of the Lord in the Temple by bringing your children to his local church temple for Mass more  regularly?

During Lent 2021, St. Peter Chanel – the Catholic Parish of Waimakariri will have two extra Masses, 7:00 am on every Tuesday morning at Kaiapoi and 7:00 pm on every Thursday evening at Rangiora. These two extra Masses during Lent is for everyone in the parish, in particular, they apriest is re offered to those who miss out on week Masses due to the demand of work.

Moreover, I also invite all our parishioners to come to the Thursday evening Mass to pray for the vocation to the priesthood in our diocese. As Catholics, we know how important the in the life of the parish and in the diocese. The common priesthood of the baptized is recognized by the way that we embrace the ministerial priesthood of Christ and vice versa.

Fr. Tien Cao

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