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“And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with a great joy.” Matt 2:10

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Is there any chance of genuine hope and joy for us as we enter now into this time of Christmas? There are many who claim that the Christian story is a     fairytale, made up to suit the powerful. But surely a made up story would have the hero born in a place of comfort and safety, not in the squalor of a stable. And surely a made up story would have the local people clamoring to be of assistance to the young parents Mary and Joseph after their long journey to Bethlehem. But no, the parents of  Jesus faced a world which, in many ways, is like our own. They were greeted that cold first Christmas eve by indifference. Jesus, the great savior of the world, was born in a desperate place with the animals, themselves sheltering from the cold. Hardly the stuff of a made up story…

No, I put it to you that the Christmas story is true, it is beautiful and it is a genuine source of joy for us all. Yes, the one who was sent to bring freedom into the world started his life in the most humble of circumstances. Yet 2000 years later, he still brings peace and joy into human hearts.

From Fr Tien and myself and staff of St Peter Chanel parish, a blessed Christmas season to you and all those you love.

Fr John Adams

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